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Tibard sell a fantastic range of hair and beauty uniforms, ideal for those working across a wide range of beauty industry's. We have products that are perfectly suited to every budget and taste which will keep you, your beauty business, and your staff looking smart and professional. Our range of tunics and blouses offer unbeatable looks and come in a huge selection of colours to help you create the perfect beauty uniform.

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Beauty Uniforms

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    Beauticians Clothing

    In the beauty industry, looks are everything and Tibard work hard to provide a great range of beauty, spa and salon uniforms to ensure you look the very best when in work. Our large range includes everything you could possibly need no matter what type of beauty service you provide to enable employees to work in style and comfort. The most important range of beauty clothing that we sell include beauty tunics which are the single most popular choice of product that we sell to the beauty industry. Our beauty tunics are available in a large selection of colours to help you match the look of your brand and stand-out in a crowded market. Some beauty therapy and hairdressing uniforms are comprised of shirts and blouses so we make sure that we have an excellent range of these for you to choose from too.

    At Tibard we understand workwear and we understand those who wear it, this is why our range of hair and beauty clothing is selected from the brightest and freshest products on the market. With a large choice of bright, fresh and engaging colours, we provide you with uniforms that reflect the heart and soul of your business and your employees, after all, you are what you wear.

    If you really want to stand-out then ensure you buy your personalised beauty uniforms through our straightforward and easy to use system. Adding your logo to your beauty clothing will ensure your customers remember you and it will provide free advertising whenever you are out and about.

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    Towel Buying Guide

    With many different types of towels available on the Tibard website, it’s easy to get slightly confused about what some of them are actually used for and even why there are different styles and names. This easy-to-follow towel buying guide, will hopefully answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an educated purchase based on your particular requirements.

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    Tibard is Top of the Class with College Shop Launch

    Tibard, the UK’s go-to brand for the supply and rental of quality chefs’ uniforms and workwear, has successfully launched a new online e-commerce facility for colleges. The ‘Tibard College Store’ is a digital e-commerce solution for UK education providers. It allows students to purchase equipment and branded uniforms for their designated college, online. 

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    How Important is a Personalised Uniform?

    A question we are often asked by businesses is just how important personalised uniforms are, and will they help their business sell more or make customers happier. By personalised, we mean a uniform with your name on it, either as a logo or as text which can transform basic products into items that create a unique uniform for your business. The answer is not a simple one, so read on for our insight into personalised uniforms.

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    Christmas Shop Launch

    Tibard are already in the festive spirit, and have launched an online Christmas shop containing a great varied selection of Christmassy products to help you get yourself, your colleagues, customers and friends in the festive mood.

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    Buying Uniforms for a Small Business

    Many small businesses struggle to get the best out of their uniform suppliers and are often unaware of just how easy it can be to get a high quality, personalised uniform for a small number of staff without having to break the bank. Supplying your staff with uniforms should not be a hard task and even the smallest businesses can seriously improve the look of their business by investing in the right products.

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  • Beauty Uniforms Buying Guide

    With such a large range of beauty clothing available at Tibard, we like to create interesting buying guides in order to best help you buy the right uniforms for you or your business. The best place to start is by defining what exactly is a beauty uniform? Well, we don’t believe that there necessarily has to be strict conventions about what forms the make up of a uniform in the beauty industry. Generally this industry consists of; beauty salons, hairdressers, beauty spas, health spas, nail salons and beauty parlours, but this is not an exhaustive list.

    Within the beauty industry, the overwhelming majority of workers are female which is why almost all of our range of beauty clothing is tailored around ladies however, recently we have seen more and more demand for male beauty clothing which we now cater for. When people think of beauty uniforms, they could picture anything from clean and clinical looking clothing in plain colours or bright and stylish tunics as beauty clothing is many things to different people. The following list looks at a few core products that can form part of a beauty uniform;

    • Beauty Tunics – these are possibly the most bespoke or specialist items that form a part of a beauty uniform and are generally the most expensive to buy. These can come in a very wide range of styles and designs, some more eye-catching than others. Ultimately, when choosing a tunic you must find a style that complements your business the best. A funky, bright and bold tunic will certainly make you stand-out and be a great talking point but you may also prefer the clean lines of a plain white tunic.
    • Beauty Shirts and Blouses – when we say a beauty shirt or blouses, we are generally talking about styles of standard shirts that lend themselves quite well to the beauty industry. Many hairdressers opt for shirts and blouses to maintain a great professional look amongst their staff. Choosing to add a logo with embroidery is a great way of enhancing a uniform into something that customers begin to easily recognise and associate just with your business.
    • T Shirts and Polo Shirts – to create a uniform on a budget, you can simply choose to purchase t-shirts or polo shirts for staff to create a coordinated beauty uniform that is highly affordable. With polo shirts especially, you can get great looking clothing that comes in a superb range of colours that does not cost the earth. They are comfortable and easy to wash, maintain and look after. Adding an embroidered logo is a great way to ensure that your simple uniform stands out and makes for a much more professional look.

    There are many factors that will affect the choice of which beauty clothing products should be used by your business and some in the beauty industry will simply allow staff to wear their own clothing while at work. The major benefit of having a standardised work uniform is that it offers, as the name suggests, uniformity which is appealing to customers entering a business for the first time. Larger beauty businesses, salons and hairdressers will almost always have a formal uniform and there is no right or wrong choice.