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Tibard’s range of beautician’s shirts and blouses are the perfect choice for your beauty and salon uniforms. With effortless elegance and style, your salon will look a cut above the competition and our high quality products ensure your uniforms will have a lasting appeal. Give our personalisation services a thought when investing in your beauty uniforms, an embroidered logo or business name is a subtle way to create a great professional look.

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    Tibard's Beauty Shirts and Blouses

    Mens and ladies beauty shirts and blouses are a great option for any uniform that is centred on the beauty industry due to the style and professionalism that these great looking products offer. The beauty, salon and spa world relies on great first impressions and well-dressed employees can be vital in ensuring that your business looks enticing to potential customers. At Tibard we have a large range of styles and colours which will make sure that you find the right look for your business and the great quality and value for money will mean the choice to buy is an easy one.

    Within beauty clothing there are generally three main options for upper body wear as part of uniforms; tunics, shirts and polo’s/t-shirts all of which are great choices however, beauty shirts are arguably the most flexible choice. Often, beauty tunics are at the more expensive end of the market and t-shirts are not stylish enough or do not offer the same professional look you may need, shirts can therefore be the best compromise between price, style and usefulness. The comfort of employees is also of great importance when deciding on uniforms because an unhappy employee is often a less productive one. We only stock great quality, highly functional beauty shirts that feel and perform as well as they look.

    Due to extreme competition in the beauty industry we also offer a personalisation service that allows you to purchase embroidered beauty shirts online that allow you to have your brand logo and business name present on your employees. Not only does this make your business look far more professional, it also ensures that your brand is always on show to prospective customers.

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    A question we are often asked by businesses is just how important personalised uniforms are, and will they help their business sell more or make customers happier. By personalised, we mean a uniform with your name on it, either as a logo or as text which can transform basic products into items that create a unique uniform for your business. The answer is not a simple one, so read on for our insight into personalised uniforms.

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    Tibard are already in the festive spirit, and have launched an online Christmas shop containing a great varied selection of Christmassy products to help you get yourself, your colleagues, customers and friends in the festive mood.

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    Buying Uniforms for a Small Business

    Many small businesses struggle to get the best out of their uniform suppliers and are often unaware of just how easy it can be to get a high quality, personalised uniform for a small number of staff without having to break the bank. Supplying your staff with uniforms should not be a hard task and even the smallest businesses can seriously improve the look of their business by investing in the right products.

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