From Kustom Kit, Bargear was specifically designed around the needs and demands of staff in bars, pubs and upmarket clubs. Bargear is a series of chic garments designed with the requirements of a busy bar with the versatility and quality of Kustom Kits other ranges.

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    Kustom Kit’s Bargear, clothing for the nightlife sector at Tibard.

    Tibard’s Bargear collection is perfect as work wear uniforms in bars and restaurants for your employees or team. All Bargear products come in a dark charcoal colour, creating a chic appearance whilst also being highly practical. Bargear knows how important it is for your employees to look the part and get the job done. So instead of having to fiddle with annoying sleeve that is always getting in the way Bargear offers their garments in a variety of sleeve style beyond the usual short or long. Different cuffs, epaulettes collars and other aspects of their garments makes their range a great choice for your bar or restaurant.

    Bargear shirts, blouses and T-shirts are made from a blend of cotton and polyester for added comfort. Bargear uses stretch material which allows for movement whilst wearing the garments and provides a long-lasting product. With Bargear clothing you and your employees will be sure to look and feel the part. With many garments coming with extra pockets whilst also being relatively easy to clean you’ll be able to demonstrate your high-standards. You can also use our online embroidery tool to give your Bargear purchases your own professional twist. What’s more, if you buy for a team and the sum is over £100 you can get free delivery within the UK.

  • More about Bargear and Kustom Kit.

    Bargear specialises in stylish and practical clothing for work wear uniforms in bars. Bargear is now highly popular and considered an expert in the industry. With its focus primarily on bar-wear, Bargear is continuously developing to bring customers the highest quality and most practical solutions for work wear uniforms. Kustom Kits other brands supply fantastic customer facing corporate and promotional wear. Kustom Kit provides a wide selection of ranges which include a variety of styles, fits, colours and functions. Kustom Kit’s popular polos and shirts are also easily personalised using our precise embroidery capabilities these could also be complimentary to your Bargear selection. 

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