Tibard offer a selection of WearerTech safety shoes, in a variety of different styles and colours. These clogs are a popular choice among those in the hospitality industry, in particular kitchen use, along with beauty and hair salons, and they are also often used to complete spa uniforms. From simple slip-ons, to adjustable buckle fasteners, and cork foot-beds to nappa leather uppers; WearerTech clogs offer a number of features designed with the user in mind, offering superior comfort, protection, durability and easy maintenance when compared with cheaper safety footwear.

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    WearerTech Footwear Benefits

    WearerTech focus on a number of different factors, which make their clogs superior to many and provide the comfort, support and safety required for the workplace.

    Material – WearerTech use a collection of superior leathers when manufacturing their footwear, a versatile selection of tanned leathers, which provide the durability needed for work, whilst still being soft to the touch.

    Shape – the WearerTech toe-shape is designed specifically to allow the toes and feet to spread naturally when under pressure, this gives much more comfort and also prevents foot problems caused by unnatural positions of the feet.

    Soles – the soles featured in WearerTech footwear are made using polyurethane, which is made up of thousands of minute air pockets, providing a comfortable cushion for the foot and also freedom of movement.

    Antistatic – research has shown that eliminating static from the body can have an impact on helping to reduce stress – great for work.

    Footbeds – WearerTech design the footbeds of their clogs and shoes to be shaped perfectly to provide equal support across the entire sole of the foot.

    Fit – WearerTech state themselves that to accommodate the wider foot, select the next size up to what you would normally wear. Many of their products are actually designed for narrow or wide feet.

  • Background

    UK based family business Toffeln began supplying footwear for work with a focus on comfort and quality, in 1978. Ever since the start, Toffeln have created their products with the user in mind, aiming to deliver a high quality product, which offered superior comfort and durability, with ease of cleaning and maintenance, to those who need it most, in the workplace.

    Toffeln have gone from strength to strength, and now operate on a worldwide scale, supplying work footwear to companies and businesses internationally. Their innovative product development means they have continued to improve over the years, now offering a number of different lines including clogs, safety trainers and shoes, washable footwear, and also no introducing TripStop their cable covers.

    Toffeln also operate with an environmental policy, which acknowledges the potential impact on the environment which their operations may have, and aims to reduce that impact as much as possible.

    Tibard has supplied Toffeln products for some time now, and continue to do so due to the high quality and consistent positive feedback we receive. Their safety clogs continue to be popular with our customers in the hospitality and also beauty industry, providing brilliant value for money. Since 2018, Toffeln has rebranded as WearerTech.

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