Chef Neckties

Tibard sell a great range of chef’s neckties which are perfect for adding a touch of colour to your chef whites. With multiple styles and colours available, from traditional gingham patterned ties, to smart looking plain coloured ties, there is no better way to add a personal touch to your chef clothing. A colourful chefs necktie is an easy way to create or follow the theme of your restaurant, or to simply set your staff uniforms apart to make you stand out.

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Chef Neckties

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    Tibard's Chef Neckties

    As coloured chef jackets have become increasingly unpopular in recent years, there may still be some chefs who are looking for a way to introduce some colour into their chef whites and our great range of chef neckties are the perfect solution. Neckties are very inexpensive and are generally made from a single square piece of fabric that is wrapped around the collar of a chef jacket to provide added neck protection and colour.

    Many of our neckties are made to match our great range of aprons which allows you to create a very unique look with complementing or contrasting neckties. This is a really easy way to create a uniformed look for chefs in a large kitchen which your customers can see into or simply for adding a bit of individuality to your own uniforms. Make a statement about your kitchen with Chef Neckties from Tibard, be sure to get in touch if you have any questions about our Neckties.

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    Spring Front of House Sale

    Give Your Front of House Uniform a Fresh Look for Spring!

    Following our current theme of having a new selection of products in our special offers category each month. We thought for the month of April we’d have a 10% spring sale on a range of front of house and waiting uniforms.

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    How Important is a Personalised Uniform?

    A question we are often asked by businesses is just how important personalised uniforms are, and will they help their business sell more or make customers happier. By personalised, we mean a uniform with your name on it, either as a logo or as text which can transform basic products into items that create a unique uniform for your business. The answer is not a simple one, so read on for our insight into personalised uniforms.

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    Christmas Shop Launch

    Tibard are already in the festive spirit, and have launched an online Christmas shop containing a great varied selection of Christmassy products to help you get yourself, your colleagues, customers and friends in the festive mood.

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    Top 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stunning Environments

    Feast your eyes on these ten unique restaurants in spectacular surroundings. From in a block of ice, to under the sea, to the world’s tallest building; a dining experience in any one of these restaurants listed will definitely provide you with a meal you’ll never forget.

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    Behind the Scenes… Chef Uniform Photoshoot

    As part of our recent website and digital redevelopments, we decided that we needed to put a more specific focus on the people that wear the uniforms that we offer. This is all part of our “you are what you wear” campaign where we wanted to put the uniforms being used in the environment, front and centre across the website. A series of blogs will take you behind the scenes of the photo-shoot to give you an insight into our thought process and how the campaign took shape. This first blog will focus on the chef uniform campaign images.

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