Corporate Uniforms

Classy Corporate Wear

Tibard sell a large range of corporate uniforms which will appeal to businesses who need professional looking, customer facing staff. Our great range of corporate clothing includes both premium and budget lines in order to make sure there is something for everyone.

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Corporate Uniforms

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  • Product Details

    Tibard are national suppliers of corporate uniforms to businesses of any size and in any sector. Our large range of workwear and uniform products will ensure that you always find what you are looking for. As we supply some of the very largest businesses in the UK with their corporate wear, we have the capability to produce bespoke items as part of our uniform design service. For those who are just looking to buy online, we have added many unique features to this site that make buying as easy and straightforward as possible such as our uniform building tool and our personalisation service.

    Our collection of corporate uniforms are all chosen from the highest quality manufacturers and our diverse range will ensure that there is something available that will match your style. We put a strong focus on form and function which means that our products will both look great and perform well in the workplace. Our corporate uniforms consist of several key lines such as mens and ladies suits, mens and ladies trousers and ties, skirts and shirts.

    We pride ourselves on understanding workwear and we follow through with this message by also understanding the people who wear it and the businesses who need it. This is why we make it as affordable as possible for you to buy great value corporate uniforms from us; we offer bulk discounts, loyalty schemes and free delivery on high value orders.

  • Latest News

    Tibard is Top of the Class with College Shop Launch

    Tibard, the UK’s go-to brand for the supply and rental of quality chefs’ uniforms and workwear, has successfully launched a new online e-commerce facility for colleges. The ‘Tibard College Store’ is a digital e-commerce solution for UK education providers. It allows students to purchase equipment and branded uniforms for their designated college, online. 

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    How Important is a Personalised Uniform?

    A question we are often asked by businesses is just how important personalised uniforms are, and will they help their business sell more or make customers happier. By personalised, we mean a uniform with your name on it, either as a logo or as text which can transform basic products into items that create a unique uniform for your business. The answer is not a simple one, so read on for our insight into personalised uniforms.

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    Buying Uniforms for a Small Business

    Many small businesses struggle to get the best out of their uniform suppliers and are often unaware of just how easy it can be to get a high quality, personalised uniform for a small number of staff without having to break the bank. Supplying your staff with uniforms should not be a hard task and even the smallest businesses can seriously improve the look of their business by investing in the right products.

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    Get 50% off selected Premier Aprons, Shirts + Blouses

    Premier make a great range of aprons, shirts and blouses which are perfect for restaurants and hotels. They put a large emphasis on style and colour into their products which make them perfect for creating a restaurant uniform which looks bespoke but at a great price. This month, that price is even cheaper as we have a special offer of 50% off certain styles of Premier Workwear.

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    Why You Should Trust Tibard With Your Uniforms

    Buying uniforms for your business is no easy task and despite a large number of businesses selling uniforms and workwear online, it can be hard to know who to trust. Tibard have been supplying workwear to some of the biggest businesses in the UK since 1979, manufacture many of our own products and have a dedicated support team based in Manchester. Want a Uniform? Trust Tibard.

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