Softshell Jackets

Tibard sell a great range of soft shell jackets which are an ideal all round jacket intended to keep you warm and protected from the elements. Across a large range you will find a variety of features such as windproof and waterproof softshell jackets as well as a great selection of lightweight, breathable softshell jackets. We sell both mens and womens softshells with a diverse range of sizes, colours and styles so we are confident that you will find the right jacket for you.

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Softshell Jackets

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    Tibard's Softshell Jackets

    Softshell jackets are a great all weather jacket that can provide excellent protection during bad weather as well as be light and comfortable enough to wear all year round. We stock a large range of these items and the features will vary from brand to brand and product to product. Generally you can expect to find waterproof softshell jackets, windproof soft shell jackets as well as breathable varieties that are much better suited to year round wear.

    As we sell softshell jackets from a large number of well-known brands such as Regatta, Result and Craghoppers there are products that are ideal suited to different tastes and budgets. The most expensive, premium softshell jackets are made from highly advanced materials that offer truly outstanding all weather protection as well as little functional features that add extra value. Even budget softshell jackets are perfect for the casual user and provide ideal protection for those who work or spend a long time outdoors.

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