Medical Scrubs

Tibard has a great range of hospital scrubs perfect for anyone working in the healthcare industry. Medical scrubs are vital items of workwear that ensure clean environments and protect doctors, carers, nurses and others from the mess of the hands on roles they perform.

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Medical Scrubs

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    Tibard's Medical Scrubs

    Tibard sell a wide range of healthcare scrubs to businesses and people operating in healthcare industries internationally. Medical scrubs are one of the most important items of workwear in the hospital and care sector due to the hands on approach to work, the importance of hygiene and the speed at which services often need to be delivered. Our range of hospital and healthcare scrubs all offer the vital functionality that you need to get your work completed and to offer the care and compassion that is so vital in this area.

    The practicalities of Tibard’s hospital scrubs, along with the quality of the material and value of the product, set us aside from the competition and make us a leading choice for those working in private medical practices, nursing homes, care homes and any other healthcare related institution. We also ensure that we offer a great range of sizes and colours which will help you create the perfect uniform to match your brand, business or image which can be vital in providing the reassurance of great care through a clean, professional image.

    Our scrubs consist of both trousers and tops which are all made from easy to wash, durable materials to ensure that you get a great long lasting service from any of the uniforms that you buy from us. You can also personalise our products which enables you to buy embroidered hospital scrubs with your logo on. This helps to create a more professional image for your healthcare business.

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