Medical Tabards

Tibard sell a large range of medical tabards in a wide selection of colours for use alongside medical scrubs and tunics. Using a tabard as part of a medical uniform can help healthcare professionals keep clean while performing day to day tasks and they can be easily changed should they become soiled. With a focus on high quality and durable products that are kept affordable, we know that we have the right type of Tabard for you.

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Medical Tabards

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    Tibard's Medical Tabards

    A medical tabard is highly useful for wearing over scrubs or standard clothing as a way to avoid soiling clothes that are not easily washed or must be worn all day. It is far easier to remove and clean a tabard than a shirt or polo as they are designed for this exact purpose. Using hardwearing fabrics ensures that all of our tabards are highly durable and will still have a long lifespan even after heavy washing.

    These items are ideal for anyone working in a medical or caregiving capacity and we sell to both individuals and businesses, all of whom have access to our great service and low prices. We highly recommend that you purchase several tabards per member of staff to ensure that there are always some in use; as a result we offer bulk discounts so that the more you buy the more you save.

    One of the best services that Tibard can provide is the personalisation of garments so if you want an embroidered medical tabard with your logo or brand in place, we can help. For a small set up fee we can set up a logo to be embroidered on as many different items as you wish or even choose which logo to apply on which items. This gives you all of the benefits of our managed uniform service or uniform design service without ever having to pick up the phone. The end result is that you can create a really great uniform with tabards that carry your brand on them which creates a far more professional look and instils trust in your patients.

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