10% off Shoes For Crews safety shoes this May

Tibard are pleased to announce that they are teaming up with Shoes For Crews to bring you 10% off their range of workwear shoes this May.

The Froggz Classic, Old School Low Rider and Mario styles of shoe will all be part of this amazing offer, which will last until May 31st.

Shoes For Crews manufacture footwear like no other. They have been key innovators in the shoemaking industry for over 30 years and have developed and refined their formula continuously to bring you the perfect shoe.

Their safety shoes are renowned for being some of the grippiest, most slip-resistant shoes on the market today, and that is down to their extraordinary outsole technology.

Both their MightyGrip and 5-GRIP outsoles are market-leading for a variety of different tests and situations. The unique layout of the grips on the sole of the shoe ensure danger is minimised, safety is increased, and that accidents on the job are a thing of the past.

Both offer something different. The MightyGrip outsole offers optimal grip and maximum protection, whereas the 5-GRIP sole is anti-clogging and anti-bacterial with a wider channel for ease of cleaning.

The shoes are perfect for those working in the hospitality industry, particularly chefs, who will benefit from the support and comfort they provide, as well as their ability to grip in even the slipperiest of situations.

Each shoe style has their own individual perks. If you’re looking for a shoe with a great look, the Old School Low Rider is the best choice. The MightyGrip outsole combined with the 100% genuine leather build makes them tough, water and slip resistant and easy to clean, all while looking incredibly stylish. They also contain cushioned insoles and a lightweight flexible midsole, offering great support and excellent comfort that can’t be obtained elsewhere. These shoes are available in both mens and womens sizes.

If you need a shoe that’s tough as nails, the Mario style shoe is the option for you. The anti-clogging 5-GRIP outsole combined with microfibre construction make this shoe incredibly durable, puncture resistant and practical, keeping your feet on the ground in even the greasiest of conditions. The composite toe is lightweight without compromising on safety, being able to withstand 200 joules of force. The padded collar and high-impact heel cradle your feet, keeping you comfy throughout the day.

The Froggz Classic shoe is a very lightweight option that provides excellent levels of comfort without losing any durability. The high-grade EVA/rubber blend is vegan friendly and repellent to water, and uses the MightyGrip outsole to provide extraordinary levels of grip. Pair all this with a self-massaging insole, flexible midsole and pivotal strap for ultimate heel support and you have an incredibly comfy, lightweight shoe that is slip-resistant and very strong.

What all these chef shoes do have in common is that they lead the way when it comes to keeping you safe in the workplace.

This offer ends on Tuesday 31st May. You can view them all on one place on our special offers page.