It's not just our factory that's getting a makeover...

In February we announced that we were expanding our UK operations with the purchase and renovation of the adjacent industrial unit. Progress on this is going really well and we cannot wait to share some images and videos with you. But with such an ambitious project we couldn’t help but look at our website and think, does this really represent one of the largest uniform and workwear suppliers in Europe with nearly 40 years in the industry? Our honest answer was no, it doesn’t.

Our current website has served us loyally since it was introduced in 2014. But quite a lot has changed since then and on reflection we felt the current site no longer showed our customers and wider audience what we at Tibard are really about. So let’s share with you the process of redesigning our website:


1)      The problem – although our website has been a resounding success we felt that as we continued to grow and diversify that it no longer showed our customers and potential customers what we do, and do well. The current site is great at telling people what they can buy or receive from us, but not why they should choose Tibard. We have been experts in staff uniform, workwear supply and personalised uniforms since 1979. Our customers should know why they should choose us over all of the other fine suppliers out there, and why with Tibard you get the ultimate uniform experience. In addition, strategies and principals we used back in 2014 no longer apply.

2)      The discussion- after several hours of analysis and reflection we felt numerous aspects of our creative and branding resonated far weaker than they originally did. We initially thought the best way to illustrate what Tibard is, was to remind people why uniform is important and how it strikes connections with people. But we realised that people know this! And those that don’t are hardly looking at a uniform supplier anyway. Therefore, we went down a different track and thought, why do our existing customers, who come from a range of sectors, roles and industries continue to choose Tibard?

3)     The concept – so why do so many customers decide to use us for their workwear and uniform? It’s a combination of factors ranging from: our long established supply chain including all the important brands you trust. Our informed, experienced and professional staff whose variety of knowledge and skills can give our customers the most comprehensive uniform solutions. Our customers themselves’ because when you have clients such as Pizza Express, Whitbread and CH&CO you must be doing something right. Our heritage, at the end of the day we have been manufacturing and supplying staff uniforms for nearly 40 years. As well as looking at why our customers choose us time and time again, we also thought, what do people need from their uniform supplier? The answer was simple: knowledge, experience and consistency. And that was our eureka moment, why do so many businesses choose Tibard? Because we are “Uniform in our Expertise”.

4)     The solution – This project was not about altering every aspect of our site, but fine tuning and harnessing what makes us, in our opinion, the finest and most reliable uniform manufacturer and supplier in the UK.  Anyone can go onto our existing website and find a great range of products and services that might be just right for them. Our new site will do exactly the same only more efficient and it will also convince you why you should choose our range of great products and services over all others.


So as you can see, a great deal of thought and reflection went into this redesign. But I’m sure you are wondering what is actually going to change on the new site? There are innumerable small changes which will be invisible to our customers but in terms of the big stuff, here’s the key modifications we think will have a big impact:


  • New Sector pages – at Tibard we offer a range of products and services to a myriad of different sectors and industries. This means that quite a lot of what we sell and offer is not appropriate to certain customers. Therefore, rather than making you do the work trying to navigate 1000s of products, we have organised our services, case studies, news articles and products into their respective sectors. For example, if you are a chef who needs a personalised chef jacket, you simply need to select the chef sector page and all of the key information is there for you. We are confident this will streamline people using our site so they can use it as efficiently as possible. And don’t worry all of our products will still be easy to find using the “Our Products” menu.
  • Homepage change – we are adding some new stylish creative which we think summarises what we at Tibard are all about but also we have aligned it with the above sector pages. When you land on our homepage you simply need select which sector best suits you and everything you need will be there. Of course, we might get customers from areas we never have before, so our default homepage will simply be ‘businesses choose Tibard’ and you can still see why we should be your one stop for all of your uniform needs.
  • Service re-organisation – “we didn’t know you did that!” is a classic criticism we have received from customers over the years. Part of that has been down to how we have described and highlighted our bespoke uniform services on our website. So all of our services will now be available for you to peruse to see if they are exactly what you need.
  • New iconography – as part of our new creative we really wanted to use icons to help our customers navigate the site and understand links between products, services and sectors across all of our media platforms. We love our new icons which we think look great but will also allow us to post content on social media and then you can see what part of our business that particular post, image or advert falls into. So you know whether it is or isn’t right for you!
  • Mobile first – surfing the web has changed dramatically in the 2010s. With smartphones and tablets now being the most common ways people use our website our entire site redesign has been built with that in mind. For example, our personalisation tool has been amended so it can be used on a mobile device as well as desktop. We wouldn’t be the experts we profess to be if we didn’t take such important technological developments into account.


So there are some big changes for our customers. All of which have been done so you can navigate our website easier and illustrate why you should choose Tibard for your staff’s uniform and workwear. But like our factory move, we were passionate about our customers receiving the exact same service throughout this update and so unlike so many other website alterations, we hope the impact of this will be invisible until it’s on your screens. We are confident that this new website, combined with our operational expansion will mean a new era for Tibard and our customers.