Uniform guide: What you should be looking for in a chef jacket

This month, we have made a number of our budget chef jackets available for even less. Until January 31st 2017, there will be 10% off our Ring Stud Chef Jackets and our Coolmax Chef Jackets.

But which chef jacket should you ultimately go for? What features are going to help you maintain your cool in the kitchen without breaking the bank?

If your budget is thin, we have a number of different jackets that pack a surprising amount of functionality. The Standard Chef Jacket is a great entry level option for new chefs, providing great utility at a low cost.

If you’re eyeing up something with a few extra features, the Ring Stud or Coolmax Chef Jackets are both fantastic options. The Ring Stud version adds extra detail and style, while the Coolmax version offers fantastic breathability in even the hottest of environments.

Black Coolmax Chef JacketCoolmax fabric works by utilising a unique weave to channel moisture away from the body onto the surface of the fabric, where it will evaporate; this is known as evaporative cooling. As such, it will keep you both dry and cool in any conditions, no matter how sweaty you are.

With both of these chef jackets on offer at 10% off this month, you’ll be saving even more money and getting a functional chef jacket with great longevity.

If you have a few extra quid lying around, you needn’t look any further than the premium range of chef jackets supplied by Oliver Harvey. With seven jackets spanning a variety of different price points, you can be sure to find quality without breaking the bank.

Each jacket has its own unique appearance. Aspiring chefs looking to try an Oliver Harvey chef jacket for the first time will find the “Cumbria” and “Devon” styles to their liking; particularly, the Devon chef jacket offers Coolmax technology as well as a luxurious feel.

If you’re really looking to push the boat out, the high-end “Oxford” and “Dorset” chef jackets are two of the best in the world today. The Oxford chef jacket utilises underarm vents as well as a Coolmax panel for ultimate cooling, meaning you can stay cool for even the longest shifts.Oliver Harvey Dorset Chef Jacket

The Dorset chef jacket is the crème de la crème of the chef jacket world. Packing all the same features as the Oxford, the key difference is the 100% Egyptian cotton fabric used to make it, and boy Oliver Harvey make it! Each chef jacket takes 6 hours to manufacture, and the hand-rolled buttons themselves take 45 minutes to prepare and stitch, such is the seal of quality and feel you’ll get with the Dorset chef jacket.

Finally, the “York” Chef Jacket is a great budget Oliver Harvey jacket designed for women. The shape is designed to better fit the female form than a regular unisex jacket and is without doubt one of the best-looking jackets of its kind in the UK.

Whatever your budget, you can find what you’re looking for with Tibard. Head over to our Chef Jackets page to buy your perfect jacket today.