Oliver Harvey Short Sleeve "Dorset" Chef Jacket

£90.00 (£108.00 inc vat)


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Fabric Composition:

100% Egyptian Cotton

Fastening Style:





Oliver Harvey

Size Range:

32" - 56"

Sleeve Style:

Short Sleeve



The Oliver Harvey Dorset chef jacket is undoubtedly the leading jacket of choice for head chefs today. Made from the finest materials and hand made in Britain, this jacket bring together years of manufacturing and design experience. Read more

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£90.00 (£108.00 inc vat)

  • The short sleeve Dorset chef jacket is arguably the greatest chef jacket ever designed and manufactured in the UK. Everything associated with this jacket has been chosen for its level of quality and there is no detail to small when it came to the design. The main features of this excellent chef’s jacket are;

    • Short sleeves

    • Made in Britain

    • Hand rolled buttons

    • Coolmax underarm vents

    • Egyptian cotton

    The buttons are hand stitched with the same 100% Egyptian cotton that the jacket is cut from and these are then hand sewn onto the double breasted front. The underarms have been designed with keeping the wearer cool in mind, with coolmax, a highly advanced sports fabric, being used to ensure that air circulates the body.

    Ultimately, the Dorset jacket is a specialist tool for chefs as well as a symbol of that chef’s status, if you are wearing this jacket, then you are a true master of your profession. Chefs are renowned for their attention to detail and their careful design of dishes, and Oliver Harvey take the same attitude when designing chef jackets. The sum of all this work and all of this careful manufacturing is a jacket that takes almost 6 hours to hand assemble with everything from cutting to sewing, packing and finishing taking place in a factory in Great Britain. The buttons themselves take 45 minutes to painstakingly hand roll and stitch but it is the belief of the brand that this detail is not too small to ignore.

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