A functional and comfortable alternative to a ‘hard-shell’ jacket, a softshell can be a great addition to any uniform. Tibard’s wide variety of softshell comes in a variety of fabrics and come in differing levels of thickness. Perfect for outdoor staff who have to work in every weather. Softshell fabric is designed to be warm and comfortable, differing from harder jackets as its soft woven fabric designed first and foremost for comfort. The level of cosiness achieved by this garment in just one of the many reasons why our range of softshell jackets make perfect additions to the outerwear, your staff will be able to make through a long shift wearing in a softshell. Tibard’s range of softshell jackets also come in a variety of colours so you should be able to find one that fits in seamlessly with your company’s overall colour palette. Softshell jackets are a relaxed way to introduce outerwear into your uniform and are popular with employees.