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Tibard's online College Stores give schools and colleges instant access to the uniform and resources they need for vocational qualifications.

Tibard have been building strong relationships with colleges since 2014, with the aim of removing the hassle from ordering uniform. We operate based on a very straightforward mantra; we want to provide a uniform service that is quick, simple and cost-effective to you. Two years on and we now supply thousands of students across the UK in numerous institutions with uniforms, knives, equipment and even textbooks. In 2016, we launched our revolutionary online self-service procurement system. The system aims to streamline the process of ordering uniform and other supplies; as it is self-service, the portal is simple in design and use, and takes the pain of ordering uniform away, giving you more time to focus on more important things. With more and more colleges signing up all the time, there’s never been a better time to join our college family.
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  • Select Range of Clothing + Equipment

    The first step to creating your college store is to determine the range of clothing, knives and equipment you will require. This will vary depending on the courses you offer to students, but we have a wide variety of uniforms suitable for almost any vocational course. We will be sure to help you select your range by recommending products which fit the philosophy of your college, as well as suggest cheaper alternatives if you’re working to a strict budget. We will also arrange to supply specialist equipment and even textbooks should you need it.

  • Define Starter Bundles

    The next step is to take the range of selected clothing and define bundles for each course on offer. The bundles will contain everything a student needs to take part in the course; this can include equipment, a second change of uniform, knives, textbooks and more. We will take the time out to listen to your ideas and requirements, and help you build the best bundles possible for your courses. The bundles are designed to make the process of buying uniform as quick and as painless as possible for your students. They also come with a discount that makes them more cost-effective than buying items on an individual basis.

  • Preview Your Online College Store

    One we have collated all the product information and set the prices, our team will then build your college store. This will then be sent to you to preview before releasing it to your students. The products in the store will be categorised by course, allowing for simple, easy use. We will walk you through how to navigate the store, as well as any other procedures you need to know, such as who to contact if there are any issues. If there are any alterations you wish to make, we will be happy to accommodate any requests. Once you are satisfied with the layout of the store, we will make any final changes and complete your store.

  • Release to Students as Self-Service System

    After completion, the store will be made available to students in your class. The key benefit to having an online portal is the lack of hassle for you. We do all the set up work, and your students self-serve using the system, stripping you of any and all stress related to ordering uniform for your courses. The portal is mobile-responsive and easy to use, allowing students to make orders from their computers or mobile devices on the move. We will regularly meet with you to review your store and make any amends needed to your product catalogue, based on change course requirements or even new courses.

College Store Demo

Our college store is designed to be simple to navigate and self service. If you are interested in using college stores but would like to try it out before you consider using it, you can arrange to have a free demo run so that you can test the store out for yourself, get comfortable with the layout and features, and generally see if it is something you would like to use.

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