Oven Cloth

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Fabric Composition:

Fabric: 100% Cotton







This oven cloth from Tibard is a perfect multi purpose cloth for use in restaurant kitchens to wipe away spills and food while cooking. Made from 100% this cloth is available at a very affordable low price and is a much better alternative than using spare chef jackets, something we here all too often from our customers! Read more

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£1.20 (£1.44 inc vat)

  • This is a simple, low price cotton oven cloth which is perfectly suited to use in kitchens. The cloth is made in a long lasting shape and design allowing it to undergo many washes and heavy use. This is an essential every chef will need and is made to a far higher standard than is available at supermarkets. Make sure you add one of these to any order as an oven cloth is always handy to have around the kitchen.
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