Work Gloves

Tibard sell a large range of work gloves that offer important protection to one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. We sell work gloves with a wide range of functions from protecting against cold to providing extra grip on industrial tools.

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Work Gloves

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    Tibard's Work Gloves

    Work gloves are great accessories for any workwear uniform and can play an important hand in making everyday tasks easier and safer. While not everyone working in industry will need a pair of work gloves, for those with hands on jobs, they can make a huge difference in how comfortable and safe you are while working. Our range of gloves can cater for any possible trade that you may require them for no matter whether you are an electrician, builder, craftsman or plumber; they all offer extreme finger protection and excellent grip. At Tibard, we aim to sell products that work as hard as you do, so our gloves have an overwhelming focus on practicalities and function to ensure that they only ever benefit you and help you work harder and safer.

    Choosing the right pair of gloves for you can be a tough task because of the large choice available to you. If you work primarily outdoors then you want to choose gloves that offer both protection from the job role and from the elements. These general multipurpose utility style gloves will be vital in keeping your hands comfortable. Some roles require work gloves that can offer enhanced grip and dexterity especially for tasks that require attention to detail but may still be dangerous enough to warrant protecting the fingers, for these roles we have a whole host of thinner, coated grip gloves that should do the job.

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