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Pint Shop poured over our services to find their perfect match

Founded in 2013 in Cambridge, Pint Shop are a really unique take on the traditional British pub. They purchase disused or unloved buildings and convert them into an exciting social venue whilst retaining their original character and charm. Now with sites in Birmingham and Oxford they really are a name to keep an eye on. When they got in touch with us, they were interested in our chef wear range and one of our front of house uniforms. However, being a small operation they did not wish to have a large initial investment for their uniform after spending so much on renovating their first building. But with Tibard, and specifically our laundry and rental service we were able to take care of that for them.

They wanted our coolmax chef jackets, some Oliver Harvey t-shirts as well as cloths and aprons for their staff. So we purchased these ourselves and then rented them out to them, so the initial costs could match their budget. As part of this, we also drew up a laundry contract for them, utilising our national laundry network so we could service them as we would do if they were here in Manchester. We also provide their uniform in wearer packs, so internal distribution among the staff is as straightforward as possible. People often assume that our laundry and rental service is only available to large customers. But this simply isn’t the case, and Pint Shop illustrates that all of our services are open to anyone, regardless of size and budget.

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