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Although you may not necessarily know the name Stonegate, you almost certainly will have been inside one of their pubs, bars or clubs. With c.700 sites across the UK including big names such as Slug & Lettuce, Yates and Walkabout as well as traditional pubs, their presence and importance in the casual hospitality industry is evident on any major high street. We at Tibard have worked with Stonegate since their foundation in 2010 and with such a diverse company their products and services were highly specific to each individual site. As Stonegate are fundamentally a holding company for numerous semi-independent operations, they required a range of different uniforms for each of their main brands.

For example, for their Tattershall Castle venue, they wanted some simple, clean cut navy polos embroidered with the Castle’s logo. However, for Felson’s Cocktail Lounge, they were after a more stylistic look, with crisp Oxford shirts and blouses, personalised of course, with black ties and braces. Supplying a company as large and diverse as Stonegate required a reflective look at our own processes. We had to centralise all of their accounts and addresses, as per their wishes, but also fundamentally service each of their sites as independent customers. In order to manage this most effectively, we devised a Cloud Store for Stonegate as a single operation, with their Head Office having access to all of their sites, services and products. But each of their bar, pub and club managers having access to their respective locations with their individual products and services. Our experience in handling large customers was essential for Stonegate, and as the below testimonial illustrates, they were happy they chose Tibard.

"Tibard supply all of our uniforms across the estate. Tibard are very efficient and professional and are experts in their field. We have recently set up an online portal which has received excellent feedback and makes the ordering process for pubs very simple. On top of this, their customer service is simply exceptional. Tibard have been a pleasure to deal with."

Claire Swain, Purchasing Manager

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