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With our own laundry here in Manchester and our national network of over 40 partners, we can offer you our commercial laundry service wherever you are in the UK. Our greatest strength in this area is that if you have multiple sites in different parts of the country, we centralise the whole process making it as simple as possible for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about having your team unclean or unkempt on shift and at Tibard you may rest assured this is one potential problem, taken care of. Pick up and drop off is really straightforward. As part of our agreement, you may buy or rent storage lockers for your dirty workwear. All collections, deliveries and change overs are pre-arranged so your timetable is our timetable. For decades, businesses have been using Tibard’s laundry and rental service and the two really go hand in hand. But if just want your new uniform looking sharp week on week, then our laundry service is for you.

How & Why Outsourcing Your Laundry To Tibard Can Cut Your Costs.

Due to economies of scale commercial laundry services such as our own can offer a greater level of value & energy efficiency that can not be achieved on-site. Not only does outsourcing your laundry allow you to take advantage of the lower costs that commercial launders such as Tibard can provide but it also frees up time for your own staff to focus on what they specialize in.

The cost-of-living crisis and the rising cost of energy bills have left everyone in the hospitality sector looking to cut costs where possible. Fortunately, we at Tibard and our partners have been continuously investing in the latest technology in the laundry industry to ensure that our machines are as energy efficient as possible without compromising on hygiene. The most common machine washers in our arsenal are continuous batch washers which use 70% less water than traditional washers for the same load. These washers are structured into multiple sections that mirror the traditional laundry process. Continuous batch washers have been built to continuously recycle water and heat throughout the process to ensure optimum energy efficiency. For example, excess water that is used for the spin cycle is then reused for the wetting process and heat from the hot water is recycled to warm the cold water that is used on the final rinses. Additionally, this process is far more automated than traditional industrial washers meaning each of our laundry partners needs fewer staff on site helping to reduce our wage bill. This combined with the energy efficiency of the process allows us to pass these savings on to our customers and keep their laundry costs as low as possible.

One further way Tibard and our laundry partners have been improving our energy efficiency is by transitioning from old indirect water heating systems to direct water heating systems. Laundry services rely on clean hot water to keep operations running, direct contact heating systems help to prevent downtime due to their ability to use fuel in a faster and more efficient manner than indirect heaters. Indirect water heating systems such as traditional boilers which have an efficiency of up to 88% when heating to temperatures of 60°C. Direct water heating systems have been around for decades however recent innovations have led to gross thermal efficiencies as high as 98%. This 10% difference might not sound like a lot on paper, however, this 10% can have a huge effect on energy costs for large commercial laundries and helps to reduce costs even further.

Overall, there are many benefits to outsourcing your laundry such as hygiene guarantees, convenience and freeing up your staff, but most importantly during the financial crisis that is currently hitting the hospitality industry the reduced costs that Tibard can offer your business.

Uniform Laundry


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