Cloud Stores

Tibard have developed Cloud Stores for businesses looking for a simpler, streamlined uniform management service.

At Tibard, we are continuously looking for fresh methods of improving your experience with us. Cloud Stores is the result of over a year’s worth of planning, design and development. After speaking with many restaurant managers and industry leaders, we have created a package that champions incredible ease of use for any member of staff, simplicity in design and function and unparalleled efficiency. On top of all this, there are many additional perks to using Cloud Stores, such as special, exclusive discounts and all embroidery set up in advance. Your Cloud Store will have varying levels of access dependent on your position in the company, and can be accessed from any location. Full training will be provided to those who will be using the store. Overall, the purpose of Cloud Stores is to save you time and money which you can focus elsewhere by streamlining the process of ordering uniform. Cloud Stores is especially useful if you are launching a new restaurant or establishment and you need to make sure all of your new staff have plenty of uniform ready for the opening day.
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  • Choose Your Range and Set Prices

    Firstly, we will meet you to mutually agree upon the range of products you would like available in your store. We are very accommodating, so whether you want stock or bespoke uniform solutions, we can make this available in your store. At this stage, we will recommend products that best suit your brand’s image, as well as suggest solutions that best fit the budget you have at your disposal, allowing for the most efficient, time and cost effective system possible. Once this has been decided upon, we will then begin manufacturing or sourcing the products for your Cloud Store.

  • Configure Options for your Bespoke Store

    Secondly, we will discuss with you how you want your store to operate and look. You’ll do most of the talking, while we listen to your ideas and fully understand your requirements. For example, you will have the option of having both “Staff” and “Management” logins, or whether you just want your managers to use the procurement system. We will also give you the option of including staff perks in your system, such as our Employee Benefits scheme. Everything we discuss with you will be taken into account when creating your Cloud Store.

  • Define Bundles, Quick Order Range and Addresses

    After we have decided upon a layout for your store and defined a range of clothing, we will then define uniform bundles and quick order page items to make using the Cloud Store as efficient and straightforward as possible. The bundles are designed for new starters and will contain everything they need to get started at work. The Quick Order page should contain all the clothing items you will need to order on a more regular basis. We will also set up your Cloud Store to allow for you to manage purchases on a location-by-location basis. Each location will be accessible via the login screen, ensuring maximal efficiency and zero margin for error.

  • Integrate Procurement System into Your Operations

    When everything has been finalised, our team will set up your store, which will normally take no more than one day. This can then be integrated into your existing operations. You will be given an access link to your Cloud Store which is accessible from any device from PC to mobile. We will provide full, comprehensive and clear training to key members of your team, and also roll out regular updates to the system at your request, such as new products and locations. There will also be regular reviews of your account to ensure that while you expand and grow, the process of ordering uniform will remain as smooth and trouble free as ever, particularly if you have any bespoke requirements that we need to keep on top of.

Employee Benefits

As an added benefit to using the Cloud Stores service, your staff can benefit from our employee benefits. This can range from discounts off clothing from our online ranges to exclusive special offers.

Book A Demo Now

If you're unsure or would just like to try out the system before you consider implementing it, you can arrange to have a free demo set up. One of our expert team will guide you through the process of ordering, using the quick order page and checking out, as well as the setting up process which includes selection of products and address setup.

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