On & Off Shore Production

Our established supply chain includes our ability to manufacture products here in the UK and offshore. We can manufacture chef jackets, chef trousers, headwear and aprons in our factory near Manchester and shirts & blouses with our onshore partners. At our international facilities we can produce nearly all types of garments but specialise in aprons, t-shirts, polos, chef jackets and shirts & blouses. Tibard have an offshore presence in Swaziland, Indonesia, Turkey and Sri Lanka, with all of the facilities we work with adhering to the highest ethical standards. They are regularly inspected and conform to all applicable legislation so you can trust our supply chain completely. As well as this, all of our locations are subject to Sedex's SMETA audit.

On Shore Manufacturing Benefits

The benefits of having a manufacturing facility in the UK are wide ranging. Not only are we supporting the national and local economy but it offers our customers an enhanced service. British manufacturing is synonymous with quality and harnessing the experience of our machine technicians and seamstresses allows us to offer customers the most bespoke chef wear, aprons and other garments in the country. With our local staff personifying centuries of Mancunian textile expertise, using Tibard’s UK manufacturing capability is a guarantee of the finest quality.

Off Shore Manufacturing Benefits

The advantages of having locations and partners across the globe are principally about two things; volume and value. British manufacturing may be the gold standard for quality, but you simply cannot produce to the same scale and cost efficiency that you can offshore. Therefore, if you require large quantities of custom made or standard products then utilising our offshore manufacturing capabilities is right for you.

Although raw output is the most obvious benefit, often forgotten are the contacts and relationships built by working with experts and specialists from a wide range of backgrounds. Fusing all of these experiences, cultures and specialisms allows Tibard to deliver you the finest products at unbeatable value.

On & Off Shore Production


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