Chef Hats & Headwear

Tibard’s excellent range of chef hats includes traditional tall hats, chef skullcaps and beanies all of which are ideal for use in a busy kitchen. The tall chef hat is ideal for keeping cool while cooking and our coloured beanies are great for differentiating between staff, plus with an elasticated fit you can be sure not to lose it in service. With a variety of styles and colours, all of which are available to order online, a chef hat is the perfect way to finish any chef uniform.

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    Why Tibard's Chef Hats and Headwear?

    A good quality chef hat can help keep you cool in the kitchen and also be used to ensure everyone can be easily recognised. At Tibard we sell a range of chefs hats because we know that not every chef is the same and we want to provide the right product for you. We sell traditional chef hats for those who want to look authentic in the kitchen as well as the more modern styles such as chef skullcaps and chef caps which are often more comfortable. Our large range of chefs headwear come in many different colours and patterns which will ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes are.

    We design your chef hat with you in mind, that’s why we focus on the quality and comfort of the product to ensure that you do not even know that you are wearing it. To ensure a tight fit on the head, we produce many of our chef hats in multiple sizes and some are even elasticated for that added security on the head. Ultimately we make sure that our products are functional as well as smart looking so that they do not distract you or cause you problems while working

    You can also personalise your chef hat by adding a name or logo which helps you to be identified in the kitchen and makes your uniform your own. This embroidery service is quick and easy to set up online and we offer highly competitive prices to ensure that this is a useful added benefit that is accessible to everyone that needs it.