Tibard produce a range of well-made and inexpensive tabards that are great for cleaners working in the services industry. Our brightly coloured tabards offer a professional look that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Tabards are a popular addition to many working uniforms, due to the practicality of having the handy pockets, and also as they help to protect clothing underneath from potential damage or staining when working.

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    Why Tibard's Tabards?

    Our range of tabards are essential items for cleaners working across a variety of industry's due to their high-quality and low cost. A tabard is a vital tool for any cleaner as they protect your clothes from dirt and stains while still offering a great degree of freedom of movement. Available in a whole host of colours, styles and designs, our highly functional tabards can be used to make you or your cleaning staff look great no matter where they are working.

    The term tabard originally referred to the common short coat that men wore during the middle ages. In modern day Britain, a tabard is the name given to what is known elsewhere as a cobbler apron. At Tibard we understand every detail behind the workwear that we sell so we ensure that we are providing our customers with exactly what they need to get their jobs done.

    So no matter what you intend to use your tabard for, you know that when you buy from Tibard you get the very best in quality, function and price. This is why we offer bulk discounts so that you can save when buying for a large number of staff. Our tabards can also be personalised with your logo or brand which ensures that you remain visible and open to new customers, not to mention the added professional look that it gives the clothing.