Polo Shirts

Tibard sell a range of great looking polo shirts that are an ideal component of any relaxed workwear uniform. With personalisation, your polo can say anything that you want which makes this a cost effective choice of uniform for any industry or as promotional clothing.

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    Why Tibard's Polo Shirts?

    Polo shirts are a staple product of many workwear uniforms and so Tibard ensure that we offer a large range of different styles, colours and sizes so that your business can find a great match. Due to their professional look yet relaxed fit and high level of comfort, polo shirts are used in almost any industry you can imagine as a general workwear product and as they are inexpensive, they are suited for almost any size of business. As we supply many large corporate business with polo shirts for their staff uniforms, we can offer incredible prices on our range, even if you are only buying a single product. However, for those who need many items, we offer great bulk discounts that can help you to reduce the cost of each uniform.

    Ultimately, great workwear relies on great quality as nobody wants to be uncomfortable while at work; this can affect morale and the level of output of you or your employees. This is why Tibard only provide the very highest quality of polo shirts in a range of different materials to ensure that you can find a polo that will be well suited to anyone in your business. Our large range of colours will allow you to best match the branding of your business and differentiate yourselves from the competition.

    All of our products in this range can be personalised which allows you to buy embroidered polo shirts online with the addition of your logo and/or business name so that your customer know who you are and remember you. We also offer printed polo shirts which allows for a more detailed graphic design to be placed on you chosen product.