Work Boots & Footwear

Tibard offer a range of hard wearing and highly durable work boots and footwear for those working in industrial or outdoor environments. All of these work boots are made with safety and protection in mind to allow you to focus on the work at hand.

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    Why Tibard's Work Boots & Footwear?

    The right work boots and footwear is perhaps the most important part of any workwear uniform. Being comfortable in a role that requires you to be on your feet is vital in making sure you can work at your best and the heavy duty protection that they offer is important to keep your feet safe. Our large range of work boots all offer important functional and practical elements that put your safety and comfort at the fore front, our prices also make sure that everyone can afford great quality footwear.

    Our range of work boots consists of everything you need when working as a tradesman, builder, engineer or any other industrial type occupation where great footwear is a must. We have everything from safety boots and trainers to safety wellingtons and shoes. All of our safety footwear range has toe protection and excellent foot grips which ensures that you are as safe as possible while at work.

    It is never easy making the decision as to exactly which excellent products from our range will be best for you so it may be worth considering certain elements like laces type, material type and overall design. For example, those working in muddy outdoor environments may want wellingtons or ankle protecting leather boots that are easy to clean and super safe. If you primarily work indoors but still need toe and sole protection then you may be more comfortable in a lighter weight trainer style shoe that gives great safety but offers plenty of freedom of movement.