High Visibility Clothing

Tibard sell a great range of hi visibility workwear consisting of trousers, jackets, bibs and vests to keep you visible and safe while at work. Our high visibility workwear range covers products that provide everything from warmth to security and waterproofing to site safety.

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    Why Tibard's High Visibility Workwear?

    Hi visibility workwear is a vital piece of safety equipment for almost anyone who works in an industrial or outdoor setting. In many case and occupations, it is a legal requirement to wear hi vis clothing and the role that it can play in accident prevention cannot be understated. Tibard provide a large range of hi visibility  workwear. In order to give you great choice, our range includes hi vis jackets, hi vis trousers and hi vis waistcoats and bibs. As hi visibility workwear is almost exclusively worn in outdoor settings, it often needs to be highly weatherproof to keep you both warm and dry so we have two styles of hi vis jackets to achieve this. The first option is to buy a fully insulated, high quality hi vis jacket or the second option is to use a hi vis bib over an existing quality outdoor jacket.

    Our large range of hi visibility workwear include both the traditional yellow styles and the more modern orange style of hi vis. These two main colours are available across the whole ranges of trousers, jackets, polos, sweatshirts, bib and fleeces. All that really matters is that you can be seen so we ensure that we only ever stock the best quality hi vis workwear to keep you protected and allow you to do your job without the worry of danger. In order to make it as affordable as possible for you to purchase from us, we offer bulk discounts on our already very low prices to help keep down the overall cost of each uniform.