Tibard’s range of smart and stylish waistcoats are a brilliant choice for restaurants, retail, professional services and hotels who need formal looking uniforms. Our service waistcoats perfectly complement the rest of our front of house range of products and are designed to be unisex which means you achieve maximum practicality. If you are looking to add a traditional, sophisticated look to your staff, this is the collection for you. Tibard offer these waistcoats at fantastic prices, competitive with any other company online.

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    Why Tibard's Waistcoats?

    Waistcoats are still a valuable part of any uniform for a waiter or front of house employee although due to the nature of the product they are more suited to older or traditional styled restaurants. A service waistcoat can be the ultimate statement of professionalism and are far more comfortable, inexpensive and practical to wear than a suit might be. When matched with jet black trousers and a bright white shirt, our range of waistcoats will act as the perfect finishing ingredient to your restaurant uniforms leaving your staff feeling as great as they look.

    At Tibard we care as much about the functionality of a product as we do the look and quality of the product because ultimately workwear has to work first and look good second. That is why we take care to design products that are going to be an asset to your staff and help them work, which is why you will find many handy features and qualities on our range of waistcoats that you may not find elsewhere. Whether it is the adjustable back fastenings, multiple pockets or even the flexibility of our unisex range, with a Tibard waistcoat you know that you are getting a product that works as hard for you as your employees.

    If you want to buy an embroidered waistcoat then simply ensure that you add your logo with our great personalisation tool. This can ensure that all of your employees are easily recognisable during service or while they are working and the added professional look will doubtless impress your customers.