Beauty Tunics & Tabards

Tibard sell a great range of beauty tunics and tabards that will ensure you work in both style and comfort. The beauty industry relies on in professional and stylish looks and our beauticians tunics and tabards will ensure that you get just that, with a massive choice of colours and sizes we offer something for everyone. A great quality beauty tunic plays a huge role in creating the perfect beauty uniform and our range is what your business needs to stand out from the competition.

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    Why Tibard's Beauty Tunics and Tabards?

    Hair and beauty tunics are a staple component of any beauty salon or hairdressing uniform as they have become symbolic of the industry in recent years. Tibard offer a large range of high-quality beauty salon tunics at great prices to ensure that your salon can present itself and its employees in the best and most professional way possible. One of the most important considerations you will need to make is the colour of your beauty tunics so we stock multiple bright, refreshing and engaging colours so you will always find one that most suits your salon. Our most popular colours include pink, black and white with the black beauty tunics being the most popular choice for hairdressers and pink being the most popular for general beauty businesses.

    At Tibard we pride ourselves on understanding workwear and the way that it is vital to your salon which is why we only supply the highest quality beauty tunics that offer as much in function as they do in form, after all, workwear must be comfortable as well as good looking. It is the comfort of you and your employees that will allow you to work best, especially in the busy, bustling environment of a beauty business.

    We also take great steps to ensure that we offer the best value, options and customer service which is why we offer savings for bulk purchases which helps drive down the overall costs per uniform on large orders. As part of understanding your business, we know that the beauty industry is fierce in terms of competition which is why we offer a personalisation service allowing you to purchase embroidered beauty tunics that ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.