Tax Tabbing


When you use our tax tabbing service, you legally transform your clothes into your uniform. This offers several advantages for your business, most notably possible tax exemptions. We recommend this service for larger operations whose uniform is primarily built from ordinary clothing, which have to be denoted as being for uniform/workwear purposes. A tax tab is a small, fabric label that is added externally onto the garment to show that it is uniform. These are usually branded and we offer to do so with your own logo. As well as the potential financial benefits, this can also be a subtle and classy approach for your own branding.


How we tax tab your products

If you decide to use our tax tabbing service as part of your uniform personalisation rest assured that we at Tibard have complete control over the process. You give us your logo or design and we’ll take care of the rest. With our network of specialists, we can produce a huge variety of tax tab styles and once they are delivered to us, we simply sew them onto your products and send them to you. As part of our uniform management and stocking services we ensure that all your items, be that stock or bespoke, will be produced with your next tax tabs.

If you think this service applies to you then please get in touch using the contact form below or email us.

Tax Tabbing


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