Product Sourcing

The volume of available products for workwear and uniform is vast. For us to include all of them in our online catalogue would firstly be impossible and secondly bombard you with choice for the sake of it. Therefore, we carefully select what makes it onto our website and it must be of the highest quality from our most recognised, established and reliable suppliers. However, you might have your heart set on something you cannot find on our pages. Rather than try and it find it somewhere else, just get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable sales team and we’ll be able to find it for you, no problem. Product sourcing is one of our founding services. Before the advent of the internet, it was an integral aspect of the workwear and uniform market because you simply could not browse what was on offer the same way. We have retained this knowledge and expertise and brought it into the digital age. Over the years we have found all manner of uniform products or other textiles for our customers such as bespoke linens, individually tailored shirts and unique chefs wear. But outside of garments there are uniform accessories you wouldn’t necessarily think of. For example, for our last TGI Fridays roll out we included some bespoke branded landyards for their staff and for TRG we crafted badges for their team to wear on shift. If it’s related to uniform, we can get it for you. Why choose 5 suppliers when you only need one?

How to use our Product Sourcing Service

If you are on our website you are most likely either browsing or looking for a new uniform for your team or some individual workwear. If you haven’t already then please peruse our product catalogue because we may have what you need already online. But if you are looking on this page it is probable you have not been able to find what you are looking for. Don’t worry, we will be able to get whatever you need for your staff uniform. Simply identify to the best of your ability what it is you are looking for and contact us using the contact form below or email us.

Product Sourcing


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