Beauty & Spa Trousers

Tibard sell a range of stylish beauty and spa trousers that are ideal for those working in the health and beauty industries. Our sensibly priced, well-made beauty trousers are as long lasting as they are good looking and are a perfect choice for your salon uniforms. Our selection was hand-picked based on quality, durability and style, combined with the price we could offer the products at, you will struggle to find higher value beauty trousers than Tibard.

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    Why Tibard's Beauty and Spa Trousers?

    Tibard sell a wide range of beauty and spa trousers which form a core part of beauty wear and salon uniforms due to their sleek, professional appearance. In the beauty industry first impressions are vital so we aim to provide you with great options to ensure that you and your business look great and impress your customers. Our beauty trousers are selected to be the perfect match for any of our shirts and tunics. Ultimately, the most important thing that we can offer is a large range of outstanding beauty trousers at incredible prices so you can be sure that when you buy from Tibard you are getting the best deal. All of the beauty trousers in our range are chosen to offer your business something that you and your employees will find useful, a workwear product that will be comfortable, practical and great looking.

    We ensure that our workwear works hard for you which is why we put such a large emphasis on the quality and functionality of our range of beauty trousers, because happy staff are hardworking staff and in the beauty industry, happy staff are vital to getting happy customers. We also aim to understand your business so we offer practical solutions that will make buying from us that little bit easier; whether it’s the ability to buy every uniform  at once, the savings you get on multiple purchases or our great, easy to use site; everything is tailored to make your experience the best it can be.