Tibard sell a brilliant range of front of house or waiters aprons that will keep your staff looking smart during service. We provide aprons to some of the biggest restaurant groups in the UK and we know exactly how to keep your service staff happy, comfortable and smart. You can find any type of waiter’s apron you may need on our site with styles that range from adjustable bib aprons to small waist aprons with money pouches. The majority of these products come in a huge range of colours which means you can find exactly what you need to make your staff stand out.

  • Product Details

    Why Tibard's Aprons?

    Tibard manufacture and sell a great range of high quality, functional waitress and waiters aprons to restaurants, bars and cafes up and down the UK. Our large range ensures that you will find a front of house apron that is best suited for the look and feel of your business which also provides your staff with a vital tool to do their job. At Tibard we pride ourselves on understanding workwear, businesses and staff so we endeavour to only sell products that will have a positive impact on you and your business. Our waiters and waitress aprons are designed with those who will wear them in mind, this is why we use great quality materials, manufacture excellent fastenings and a whole host of other functional features that ensure your staff have tools that help them rather than hinder them.

    Our aprons come in a wide range of colours which will enable you to match the branding of your business with ease and the functional pockets, ties and fasteners will make your waiting or service teams life much easier. We also produce a wide variety of styles, design and cuts of apron because we understand that everyone is different and will have their own unique requirements for their service aprons.

    We also offer a personalisation service which means that you can easily buy embroidered aprons from us at unbeatable prices and get the best service online. By adding your logo to your aprons, you will ensure a more professional look for your business and it also makes it far easier for your customers to identify who is working.

  • Buying Guide

    With such a wide variety of aprons on offer from Tibard’s online store, this buying guide should help give you some information about the different styles and features to help you use our filter function and make the right choice when selecting your apron.


    • Bib – Bib aprons are the larger garment of the two styles, which strap around the neck and hang in front of most of the front of the body, and often secure around the back with ties. A good choice for those wanting to protect the front of their clothes from splashes or stains when working. A popular product for front of house staff.
    • Waist – Waist aprons are a smaller product without the neck straps, these just essentially cover part of the lower body and secure around the back with ties. A good choice for those just wanting to protect the lower section of clothing, and do not have a need for the larger bib apron. A popular product for waiting on staff.


    • Long – these aprons will often fall below knee level, covering a large area of the lower body.
    • Medium – often bib or waist, falling around knee level, still covering a good percentage of clothing.
    • Short – typically waist aprons, often above knee level, for those who need greater freedom of movement and don’t need protection of much of the lower clothing.


    • Adjustable – found on a selection of bib aprons, the adjustable feature is simply the ability to adjust the neck strap to ensure a good, comfortable fit. Often with a metal buckle on one side or at the back, meaning adjustable aprons can fit everybody perfectly.
    • Pen Pocket – a nice, handy addition to selected Oliver Harvey aprons. The pen pocket is a subtle opening at part of the fabric, perfect for people who need to keep a pen handy whilst working.
    • Pocket – featuring on both bib and waist aprons, many of the aprons on offer have one or more aprons stitched onto the front of the product. Some with zips, great for those who need to handle money and change. Some with larger pockets to keep things like notepads, spare cutlery etc.

     Fastening Style

    The majority of the aprons on offer from Tibard fasten around the back with fabric ties for a perfect fit, some ties are longer allowing them to wrap around the back and fasten at the front. The adjustable aprons typically have a buckle to adjust the neck strap, but some aprons have a stud fastening on the neck strap.


    You may wonder why the collection of aprons carried by Tibard ranges from under £2 to over £30. This price difference mainly comes down to brand. For example, Premier often offer products in the lower price range, whereas Oliver Harvey offer premium products at a higher price.

    The quality of the fabrics used will often play a big part in the pricing too, 100% cotton products with a heavier weight, will often price higher than lighter fabric blends.

    Another factor for price is the use for the aprons, smaller waist aprons designed for waiting on staff to carry change etc, may come in cheaper than smart front of house aprons designed to deliver a professional image and leave and impression. Also, the amount of fabric used comes into play there too, small waist aprons are obviously manufactured using less material than a larger bib apron.