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Tibard specializes in healthcare uniforms, including scrubs, tunics, and scrub trousers. With almost 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing chef wear, we bring our attention to detail to create exceptional healthcare attire. Our scrubs prioritize comfort and practicality, crafted from high-quality, flexible, and breathable fabrics. They feature multiple pockets for convenient storage and come in various sizes, styles, and colors for a professional look. Our uniforms are made to last, using durable materials that withstand frequent washing. They are easy to clean and can be customized with logo embroidery or printing. Tibard is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with top-quality uniforms that prioritize comfort, functionality, and hygiene. Our scrubs, tunics, and scrub trousers enable professionals to perform their duties confidently and professionally.


How to use our screen printing service

Our online personalisation tool is for embroidery only. If you wish to have your new products personalised using our screen printing service then please fill in the contact form below or get in touch with us by email.

Screen Printing


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