Screen Printing

Similarly to heat seal transfers, we recommend our screen printing service to customers who have particular requirements. It is important to note that we always require a minimum order quantity for this service due to the costs involved to process. Using screen printing for your personalisation holds several pragmatic advantages over embroidery and other forms. It is perfect for either very large or complex logo designs which would simply not be possible or cost effective using another method of personalising. If you want a large, prominent logo this is the best approach. The appearance as well is somewhat different to an embroidered product with a more shined, perfect finish rather than a woven one. Screen printing is also by far the most economical method for medium (30+) to large orders done in batches.

How to use our screen printing service

Our online personalisation tool is for embroidery only. If you wish to have your new products personalised using our screen printing service then please fill in the contact form below or get in touch with us by email.

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