Wearer Trials & Sizing Days

With products being manufactured by businesses in and from a wide variety of countries and cultures applying standard sizes across all garments can be a challenge. It can make trusting size guides that much harder. We do our upmost to employ standard sizing across our product catalogue but it will never be perfect. So if you want to ensure your uniform fits your staff seamlessly then our sizing and wearer trials could be just right for your business.

How our sizing trials work?

We offer this service to all of our customers but we highly recommend it for substantial orders. For wearer trials, we receive an expression of interest from you and then we send your samples from each size of a product you think is right for you. You then give us your feedback after trialling the sizes with your team and if you’re happy we begin the order process. And if you’re not the process starts again. If you feel this might useful for you simply fill out the contact form below or drop us an email.


How our wearer trial’s work?

This is a far more detailed and time-intensive approach and we suggest this service only to businesses who have a large number of staff or are really investing in their uniform. This particular form of trial can be done using either stock or bespoke items. The first step is to agree on the products you need. Then we deliver your team with the full uniform for an agreed trial period. This is where you provide us with detailed feedback about the fit, comfort, features of each product, customer response and styling. We’ll then work with you to amend any changes you feel will enhance your uniform. The trials have ranged from a few days to months and we always ensure that we work around you. If you think your team needs a wearer trials for their new uniform then get in touch with us using the contact form below or by email.

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