Non Slip Footwear

Tibard sell a super safe range of slip resistant footwear from Shoes4Crews, Portwest, Blackrock and Mozo who all specialise in footwear that looks great and performs even better. With a large range specifically designed for front of house or service staff, these shoes have a specially designed sole that gives incredible grip while not compromising on the looks of the shoe. With so many hazards in restaurant, hotel, café and bar workplaces, these shoes are a must to avoid unnecessary injuries and protect your staff or yourselves.

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    Why Tibard's Non Slip Footwear?

    Working in a busy restaurant, bar or hotel can present front of house staff with many challenges. There are constant dangers form drinks and food being spilt and left unnoticed which can cause severe slip hazards for staff, especially as these are most likely to occur in areas only accessed by staff. While you undoubtedly pay a little bit extra for these slip-resistant shoes, you are likely to see far fewer injuries which can result in sick days, loss of key staff and even personal injury claims.

    The main idea behind these shoes is to ensure that the shoe itself looks like any other, they are all standard styles which means you don’t need compromise on looks other safety. Arguably you get the best of both words with neither safety nor looks put ahead of the other.

    While many restaurants and hotels may be reluctant to purchase footwear which is generally bought by staff anyway, these long lasting and high quality shoes are not a cost but instead an investment. They are an investment in your employee’s safety, working conditions and in your own business through avoiding unnecessary injuries which can cost far more than a pair of shoes.

    All of these shoes in the S4C range have been highly tested and consistently benchmark above competitors which is why we chose to only supply this range. Tibard want to provide you with great choice but at the same time ensure that we provide only the highest quality workwear, especially when it comes to safety products.