Stock Planning & Forecasting


Stock planning is an often forgotten, but key aspect of customer service from your uniform and workwear supplier. You need expertise and experience with an established supply chain to ensure that when you need new products, everything is ready to go for your next roll out. With our onshore and offshore facilities and partners we are in complete control of our production and supply chain and therefore your inventory. It is a complex process of understanding what is in production, transit, stock or delivery at any given time and with Tibard you can rest assured we always have this covered.


The benefits of Tibard stock planning

The principle benefit to using Tibard’s stock planning service is the reliability it ensures. With us, you are getting decades of experience and expertise at managing supply chains and stocking which means you don’t have to do it yourself. We often stock customer’s items on request and we hold bespoke or embroidered items as standard for reduced lead times. Our stock is planned and managed on demand for sites with hundreds of locations and we utilise the sales data we receive to anticipate what will be needed and where. Stocking is about balance, we ensure that we hold enough stock to maintain your supply but not too much as to burden you with unnecessary expenditure. We are always able to update you where any individual item or pack is at any given time.

Our diligence in this field allows us to manage new uniform roll outs seamlessly. We take you through our planning process to give you peace of mind and because of our factory floor size we can stock thousands of products on short notice and get them all out efficiently. But a successful stock forecast is more than just getting the products through your door, but having a reserve supply in case of loss or other potential issues and having some stock maintained for new employees, new sites etc. Providing you with an eye-catching uniform is only the start of our relationship and we feel our reliability is what makes us uniform in our expertise.

Stock Planning & Forecasting


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