Healthcare Tunics

Tibard’s healthcare tunics are vital components of workwear uniforms for medical and healthcare professionals with hands on roles. The hospital tunics ensure easy cleanliness and are designed to withstand intensive, regular cleaning. The focus on quality and sensible pricing makes our range even more attractive.

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    Why Tibard's Medical Tunics?

    Healthcare tunics are a vital workwear uniform product that are well suited to anyone working within the industry. They are all part of the classic and well known look of any worker operating in a care giving capacity and are synonymous elements of healthcare uniforms. Tibard sell a wide range of healthcare tunics to businesses in this sector and can cater for the smallest of orders to the very largest due to our strong capabilities and expertise in supplying workwear uniforms to some of the largest UK businesses.

    Medical tunics are such important parts of a healthcare uniform because of the hands on nature of those who are employed in medical practices, hospitals and other care giving institutions. These roles all require a product that can be easily cleaned, swapped and that provides protection to the wearer and reassurance to those that they interact with. Our tunics are made from excellent quality materials in order to ensure a long life span and great wash cycle durability, an especially important asset given the nature of the industry's they are used in.

    You can personalise the products in order to buy embroidered medical tunics online with your brand or logo on. This will help to create an even better uniform and ensure that your employees remain looking great and professional in the workplace.