Tibard sell a huge range of plain t shirts that are perfect as part of a casual uniform or as promotional clothing. With a great range at sensible prices, all business can take advantage of these fantastic, relaxed workwear products.

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    Why Tibard's T-Shirts?

    T Shirts are a very common workwear product that can be used as part of any uniform, regardless of the industry. Due to this flexibility, Tibard ensure that we stock a wide range of t shirt styles in many colours and designs to give you a great choice and to help you find something that will be ideal for your business. Our range of t shirts all offer excellent value for money and high quality materials, the emphasis on quality is because workwear should be comfortable and long lasting, no one wants to work in a substandard uniform.

    Due to the large volumes of these products that we sell to large corporate businesses we can offer our t shirts at excellent prices online, regardless of whether you buy 1 or 1000. For those who do buy in bulk, we ensure that you are rewarded by taking advantage of lower unit prices which helps you to save when buying many uniforms at once.

    The flexibility of our t shirts will ensure that your business always finds a use for them, especially if you order embroidered t shirts or printed t shirts. With the addition of logos and other brand messages you can ensure that your business is advertising its offers, events or promotions; especially useful for bar and restaurant owners. Even just with a brand logo, a personalised t shirt can be a very useful tool for your business and with our easy system and great low costs, there has never been a better reason to make sure you put yourselves on the map and in front of your customers every time you work.