Chef T-Shirts & Polo Shirts

Our increasingly popular range of excellent chef t-shirts are all designed to ensure you keep cool and comfortable while working in the kitchen. They are the perfect complement to our range of chef jackets and trousers and represent great value for money. A great choice for those who work in particularly hot environments, wanting to stay comfortable in order to perform to their best in the kitchen.

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    Why Tibard's Chef T Shirts & Polos?

    Chef t-shirts are growing in popularity over the last few years, for many simple reasons. The right chef t-shirt can help you keep your cool in the kitchen and perfectly complements a great chef jacket. A light and breathable chefs t-shirt is often the best choice of clothing to wear under jackets as they offer you maximum movement and help to stop you getting too hot under the collar while in the kitchen. Our highest quality chef t-shirts are made from a very high quality blend of Egyptian cotton which gives you incredible comfort with its soft luxurious feel while still being lightweight and breathable enough to ensure you do not get too hot.

    We also sell a large range of standard chef t-shirts and polo shirts which can be used as a lower cost alternative and are available in many different colours which will ensure that you find something you like. Our polo shirts and t-shirts also come in a wide range of sizes and there are several different styles of fit so ensure that you browse the full range to find the best one for you. We offer discounts on bulk purchases which can help keep costs down if you are buying for a full kitchen team and if you want to add your logo, simply use our quick and simple personalisation tool to get chef t-shirts with your brand on.