Chef Shoes & Footwear

Tibard offer a great selection of chef shoes as we know how important protective footwear is in the kitchen. Choosing a comfortable pair of non-slip, protective chef shoes should always be the first priority when buying uniforms. With products from a range of top manufacturers, all offered at industry beating prices online, we are sure that you will find exactly what you need to keep your toes safe while in the kitchen.

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    Why Tibard's Chef Shoes?

    The right chef shoes can be a vital part of any chefs uniform due to the important role that they can play in protecting from damage and because of the grip that they provide while working. We have a wide range of chef shoes in order to cater for different tastes, kitchens and styles that any chef may have. Our most popular choices are our chefs safety shoes which are specially designed to protect your feet while you work and provide a good level of grip on surfaces that can become slippery. One of the other main considerations when buying chef shoes is the level of comfort that they provide you while working. Many of our products are lightweight and have breathable holes to provide better air circulation.

    At Tibard we understand workwear and the important role that it can play in allowing you to properly complete your job which is why our range of chef shoes focuses on the importance of functionality more than any other attribute. We know that chefs need to be comfortable and safe while working, we also understand that no-one is perfect and there are likely to be spills in the kitchen. That is why many of the shoes we sell are finished with an easy to clean surface that allows them to be cleaned with just a simple wipe.