Gilets & Bodywarmers

Tibard’s range of gilets and bodywarmers include a variety of different styles fit for many uses, available for both men and ladies. With styles including waterproof, fleece, and softshell, there is a product for everyone. The choice of gilets and bodywarmers available, stem from investigating the comfort and performance of each product, along with the price so only the best value is available for our customers.

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    Why Tibard's Gilets & Bodywarmers?

    Gilets and bodywarmers in a range of different styles, ensure a versatile but practical garment. The sleeveless vest aims to insulate and warm your core area, which is where the ‘bodywarmer’ name comes from. The sleeveless style allows improved breathability and a great freedom of movement, making this product a popular choice for many different uses and activities. Tibard include fleece and softshell gilets, which are an excellent choice for simply casual daily wear or as a mid-layer. The waterproof gilets available also make a great choice for autumn and winter days out, over a fleece or jacket on particularly cooler weather conditions. The materials used in the manufacture of gilets and bodywarmers vary based on the type and aim of the product. Outer layers often contain nylon and polyester for their durability and waterproof properties, sometimes even with an extra waterproof coating over the top, for the more outdoor style gilet. Mid-layer gilets and bodywarmers usually contain a micro fleece or regular fleece make up, synthetic insulation, as is the case with the waterproof styles. However, some waterproof gilets may contain a down insulating interior, because this material must be kept dry in order for it to perform.