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At Tibard, we are continuously looking for fresh methods of improving your experience with us. Cloud Stores are the result of over a year’s worth of planning, design and development. After speaking with many restaurant managers and industry leaders, we have created a package that champions incredible ease of use for any member of staff, simplicity in design and function and unparalleled efficiency. On top of all this, there are many additional perks to using Cloud Stores, such as special, exclusive discounts and all embroidery set up in advance. Your Cloud Store will have varying levels of access dependent on your position in the company, and can be accessed from any location. Full training will be provided to those who will be using the store. Overall, the purpose of Cloud Stores is to save you time and money which you can focus elsewhere by streamlining the process of ordering uniform. Cloud Stores is especially useful if you are launching a new establishment and you need to make sure all of your new staff have plenty of uniform ready for the opening day.


Employee Benefits

As an added benefit to using the Cloud Stores service, your staff can benefit from our employee benefits. This can range from discounts off clothing from our online ranges to exclusive special offers.

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If you're unsure or would just like to try out the system before you consider implementing it, you can arrange to have a free demo set up. One of our expert team will guide you through the process of ordering, using the quick order page and checking out, as well as the setting up process which includes selection of products and address setup

Tibard Cloud


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