Work Trousers & Shorts

Tibard have a huge range of work trousers and shorts that are perfect for tradesmen, builders or anyone else working within an industrial environment. Whether you are looking for added protection, comfort or durability, we have a product that will suit and many products that combine all three qualities. Our toughest trousers are our heavy duty range while our standard workman's trousers will still be strong enough for most jobs.

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    Why Tibard's Work Trousers & Shorts?

    We have a great range of work trousers and shorts that cover every need in industry. Whether you need the toughest and most durable heavy duty trousers or a paid of budget priced, practical cargo trousers, we have you covered. As we have such a large range of work trousers we have made it easier for you to find the right product for you by splitting the range into multiple categories.

    Our range of standard workmans trousers are where you will find all the basic, hard wearing and rugged products that you need as part of your workwear. This is also where you will find our waterproof and weather proof trousers. All the work trousers in this section are supplied by the top brands in the industry including Dickies, Snickers and Portwest. The low prices and high quality of this range makes them perfect for businesses looking for a rugged work trouser to use as part of a uniform.

    The top of the range trousers that we sell can be found under heavy duty trousers and these are built with performance, protection and longevity in mind. Manufactured from the toughest materials to the highest of standards, these trouser do not come cheap but our prices are the best online.

    For those who need practicality and excellent function, we also sell a range of cargo trousers which are well suited to every profession but generally see the most use for delivery drivers, warehouse staff and maintenance crews. We also have a range of work shorts for the summer months which offer great levels of comfort and cooling.