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Tibard manufacture and supply a wide range of bar, restaurant and hotel uniforms. Here, you will find everything ranging from uniform essentials such as restaurant shirts and blouses to high end management attire such as waistcoats and suits. All of our uniform solutions can be found here, making it easy for you to find high quality restaurant and hotel uniforms that look the part and won't break the bank.

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Restaurant & Hotel Uniforms

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    Being one of the largest workwear and uniform providers in the country, Tibard naturally carry a great range of restaurant and hotel wear. The online range includes everything you need to kit out yourself and your staff, to ensure you look professional and smart for your customers.

    Customers’ opinions are obviously vital in the hospitality industry, it’s all about providing a service which is superior to what they experience at home, and from what they have experienced at other venues. Many of these opinions can be shaped around image. Cleanliness and professionalism is often judged very quickly by customers based on the appearance of the working staff. If you enter a venue and are greeted by staff members in shabby, dirty, old-looking uniforms, this will immediately give you negative first impressions, maybe the place doesn’t put hygiene and cleanliness as an important priority – a worrying thought when you are trusting them to provide you with food to eat or a place to stay. To help prevent this massive problem and off-putting potential customers, make sure you and your staff look brilliantly professional and allow your customers judge you by your great service provided instead of bad first impressions of your tatty uniforms, Tibard carry an extensive range of restaurant and hotel wear. Containing a wide variety of styles, suitable for numerous different themed venues, and a large selection of colours, available in both men’s and ladies.

    Using our 35 years’ experience at Tibard, we know what makes a great uniform hence the line ‘Understanding Workwear’. We know a great uniform, does not necessarily mean it has to be an expensive uniform. As you will see throughout Tibard’s range of very sensibly priced, aesthetically pleasing products. A great uniform must do its job well. It must demonstrate what the restaurant or hotel is all about, whether that is a particular theme like rustic, modern, American etc. It must show professionalism and look smart to leave an impression with customers.

    A huge and often overlooked factor of a good uniform - It must also be comfortable, practical and functional for the staff wearing it. It is the staff members who will be spending hours a day wearing the clothing, and the uniform must be suitable to ensure optimal staff performance. If the environment is a particularly hot one, it’s no good having a uniform which does not help make the staff members comfortable. They will not look forward to coming to work, and this can often affect their performance, and therefore the overall service provided and experience for the customer.

    Tibard’s range includes suitable uniform items for your entire staff team all in one place. From aprons, to footwear, to waistcoats, our range has a product for every venue at fantastic online prices. Our personalisation service make it easy for you to tailor your uniforms to your company to set yourself apart from your competitors. Take advantage of the discounts for bulk buying, and free UK shipping on orders over £100.

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