Tibard provide some of the highest quality uniform products to businesses all over the globe however, sometimes you may want to stand out from the crowd.

While we do offer a bespoke uniform service, not every business can afford to put a unique product into production so we offer a personalisation service on most of our stock garments too. This personalisation service enables you to have text or logos imprinted or stitched onto your uniform product which help make it your own. The personalisation of uniforms is a readily affordable option for all businesses and is a great way to make your brand stand out. In the service industry or for businesses with customer facing roles, embroidered names always go down well with those that you serve. Meanwhile, the hospitality industry can take advantage by ensuring brands and logos are front and centre for TV or media appearances. No matter what you need to be displayed on your uniforms, Tibard are fully capable of making it a reality. Read on to find out the details or get in touch if you want to know more.
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  • Receiving Logos and Images

    The first step in a personalisation process is to receive your brief and assets for us to return a sample of how your garment will look. We can do this online for smaller orders and for large contract orders this will be organised during the contract stage. We can work with almost any size or file type of image and the image is not right, our team will work with you to fix the issue. Once we have final approval for the placement, size, colour and look of the personalisation we will begin the next stage.

  • Digitising for Printing

    Once we have confirmed your order we will begin the complex digitisation process where we transform your image into a file for our screen print or embroidery machines. These hand crafted drawings faithfully reproduce the very finest details of your logo or image into a format that our advanced machines can read. With embroidery, the stitching and colour patterns are used in order to ensure the best possible match to your logo and give you a personalised garment that really stands out.

  • Application to Garment

    Once we have the newly created digital file we send it straight to our personalisation department where your garments will be waiting. Our team will carefully unpackage your items and carry out the necessary preparation work required to print or embroider the garment. Any embroidered orders are placed in racks on the machines with the fabric pulled tort in order to achieve a perfect finish. A similar process occurs with any screen printed items with the area being free from creases to ensure a brilliant smooth finish.

  • Delivery of Garment

    Once our quality control checks have been made on your embroidered order, we will repack it and prepare it for delivery. From here the process is the same as with any of our orders and your will receive a delivery time and dispatch email. Like all orders that we send, you will still receive a FedEx tracking number so you can be sure your personalised items get to you as soon as possible.


One of the most tried and tested methods of providing high quality and long lasting garment personalisation is through machine stitched embroidery. This method ensures a great looking, raised finish, that is as durable as the garment itself and can easily survive intensive and industrial washing. Embroidery offers a wide range of colours and is ideal for the application of names and business logos to garments.

Screen Printing

A newer method of garment personalisation is by using the process of screen printing. This is where ink and colour is directly applied to a plain garment and a design, pattern or text is left behind. For high volume orders or as a lower cost method, this is hard to beat and you are still left with a very durable, high quality finished product. Screen printing can be used with multiple colours as the final designs are built up from multiple prints allowing for very creative and eye catching designs, logos and images to be applied.

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