Fruit of the Loom

Tibard sells a range of Fruit of the Loom clothing which includes T-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies ideal for teams, clubs or societies. Fruit of the Loom products are great for a relaxed workwear uniform or a one-off event, tradeshow or exhibition. The hoodies are a perfect choice for school and college leavers or trips away. In addition you can always embroider your logo onto the classic Fruit of the loom garments, including tees and a variety of hoodies as well as sweatshirts.

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    Fruit of the Loom from Tibard

    Tibard offers a range of Fruit of the Loom products ideal for many different types of businesses where a more relaxed style work wear uniform is required. The T-shirts and polo-shirts are great for employees or volunteers at tradeshows or special events. Fruit of the Loom clothing comes in a range of different styles and colours so you will be sure to find something to match you or your company.

     In addition to the classic Fruit of the Loom cotton tee they now make of a variety of other garments; the hoodies are perfect for not only team trips and competitions but also a popular choice for school leavers. Furthermore, building upon the classic tees we also offer a selection of other Fruit of the Loom garments such as tank tops, polos, polos with pockets, v-necks, and baseball shirts. Once again, all these garments are available in a wide range of colour, even our baseball shirts come in different colours for the arms, making them the perfect and stylish way to look the part and stay together.

     Fruit of the Loom have always taken steps to ensure that their products continue to be high-quality, and long-lasting products. In our Fruit of the Loom collection there is something for everyone so you will be sure to find something to suit you and your personality. At Tibard, we know our customers love our Fruit of the Loom products which is why we have created a section where you can browse through all our Fruit of the Loom products in one place, here you can also find our embroidery service in addition to selecting various sizes and different colours for the garments. 

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  • History of Fruit of the Loom

    Fruit of the Loom was founded inRhode Island, US in 1851 by two brothers. It was then known as the B.B and R. Knight Corporation. Their goal was to create new t-shirts which would be high-quality, affordable and perhaps most importantly, vibrantly colourful, something which at the time was extremely difficult to do, especially at the scale that Fruit of the Loom became known for.

     In 1871, the company’s name was trademarked and one of the world’s oldest trademarks. It is older than Coca-Cola, the light bulb and the paper bag. Fruit of the Loom has since grown to become one of the world’s leading clothing brands with its 160 years experience and expertise in manufacturing textiles.

     As a global company with over 28,000 employees worldwide, Fruit of the loom is continuing to invest in the business as well as constantly expanding into a shrinking number of markets which they don’t yet have an official presence in. This vision for the future ensures you will always receive the quality and service you would expect from one of the world’s biggest clothing brands.

     The Berkshire Hathaway Group acquired Fruit of the Loom in 2002, chaired by financial guru Warren Buffett. This has provided financial security for the company and given Fruit of the Loom a strong foundation on which to carry on building their future and bringing forward the modern product line which is carried today at Tibard. Fruit of the Loom has since acquired the Russell Corporation which includes a range of famous global brands. Fruit of the Loom continues to invest and constantly expand into new markets.