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    Tibard supply a large range of top brands from the workwear and uniform industry so that we can provide our customers with extensive choice and the perfect product to suit them. In fact we have over 2000 products in an incredible 80000+ sizes and colours from over 75 of the top workwear brands. This page will allow you to easily shop by brand; perhaps you have seen or bought workwear from a brand but cant remember the name of the products or maybe you know of a good uniform brand but arent sure on what you want - this page makes it easy to browse everything.

    Our large range of uniform and workwear brands (as well as some of the top casual clothing brands) include; Premier clothing, Dickies, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Adidas, Oliver Harvey and Alexandra Uniforms. We have brands that cover a very wide range of products and industries including beauty wear, hotel uniforms, restaurant uniforms and industrial workwear, some of the brands we supply have a range of products that cover multiple industries - Premier Clothing is one of our favourities for the sheer flexibility of their range!

    We have of course included ourselves in the list of brands because as you know, we make some of the best value and long lasting chef wear and most of it is made here in the UK. Remember though, as we have our own manufacturing facilities in Cheshire, we can make anything that you require on a bespoke basis, so we have only listed our standard items here. To have your very own items designed and made by Tibard, check out our information on bespoke uniform design.

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    We have introduced tailored brands pages onto our website, making finding your favourite brands much easier. Hover over 'Brands' in the navigation menu to see our 15 most popular and a link to the full list.

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