Russell Collection

Tibard sells a range of versatile clothing for your customer facing staff. The Russell Collection provides a wide range of shirts in various cuts, styles, colours and collar types, in addition to this the Russell Collection also provides a variety of material textiles in order to ensure that great fit. Our Russell Collection jackets and shirts are easily personalized using our precise embroidery capabilities.

  • Product Details

    Russell Collection from Tibard

    The Russell Collection provides a wide variety of quality work wear which includes polos, shirts, fitted for a range of body types and available in a variety of sizes, as well as a number of different colours, a dark green fleece jacket or a dark jacket for looking good on the job, the collection also offers a selection of sweatshirts, fleeces and zip-ups, which all come in the classic Russell Collection designs, fittings and shapes. Russell is an excellent manufacturer of quality and consistent goods across their portfolio. The primary goal of the Russell Collection is to transform the industry, with a design approach previously reserved for retail fashion. The result is stylish, high quality corporate team wear with a whole new level of designer flair and an exceptional attention to detail. A decade later, Russell is continuing to innovate and lead the way in crafting various tailored garments.

    At Tibard, we appreciate the various tailored garments which Russell produces we have made sure that the have access to the widest possible range from the Russell Collection here You can use our tool to mix, match and compare various garments with our excellent online tools, remember that you will also get free UK delivery when you spend over £100. 

  • History of Russell Collection

    The Russell Manufacturing Company founded by Benjamin Russell ended up owning and operating more than ten sewing plants and well over fifteen thousand people in the early 1970s. Since 1976, sales revenues had increased by 13 percent annually. With various acquisitions over the years the company had become a global contender in the sportswear industry. In 1992, Russell became the exclusive manufacturer for Major League Baseball. By making high-quality authentic replicas of major league uniforms, T-shirts and shorts. The company found itself up against giant Champion, In who supplied the uniforms the NBA In 1992, Russell's international sales increased by 40% year on year. In the early 2000s as part of their New Millennium project the Russell Corporation launched a new range of corporate wear for the services sector, the Russell Collection; expanding on their long history of fabric innovation they have been able to gain significant traction in the marketplace.