Our Birkenstock clog is perfect for complementing a professional kitchen uniform for chefs at a café or restaurant. They are also a popular option for spa and beauty uniforms footwear. Furthermore, we are glad to be selling Birkenstocks iconic Boston clog with leather exterior and cork foot bed. Birkenstocks history of dedication to making foot-friendly footwear is well reflected in this clog.

  • Product Details

    Birkenstock clogs at Tibard

    Tibard’s Birkenstock clog is perfect for a number of uses, such as a professional chef uniform or even spa and beauty footwear. The clog comes in a variety sizes from 4 to 12 and is unisex so the clog will fit your company’s style whoever is wearing it. Here at Tibard we have extended our clog range to include the stylish Birkenstock ‘Boston’ clog. Just like the other clogs that we sell the Birkenstock Boston clog is designed for maximum comfort. This is best evidenced by its covered foot bed, toe bar and arch support which are a must-have for the busiest front of house staff, especially baristas who spend much of their time moving from various counters and machines, a comfortable barista can often mean a satisfied customer.

    The leather exterior and suede foot bed helps with heat regulation which is important because some other clogs aren’t adept to ensuring proper heat regulation, you wouldn’t like your employees feet to be cold when a door is opened. This thoughtfulness for comfort and going the extra mile for its customers is what makes theBostonclog and Birkenstock footwear as a whole a fantastic choice. Don’t forget that if you purchase a number of clogs to outfit your baristas or staff in comfort with a professional style, you’ll get free delivery in theUK(order must be over £100).

  • History of Birkenstock

    Birkenstock has over two hundred years experience in expertly crafting the finest shoes and clogs, by utilising the traditional crafting techniques, Birkenstock has been able to maintain quality over the generations, being passed down from parent to child, they guarantee to you that their shoes will display the greatest care and are of the utmost quality. Furthermore, Birkenstock remains a family company, maintaining these traditions up to this day.

    Birkenstock represents not only high-end traditionally made products with close attention to detail and a heavy reliance on historic techniques; in order to stay true to their history Birkenstock have driven ahead with investments in a number of areas. Eco-friendly production methods and the use of select, high-grade and long-lasting durable materials assist in reducing their overall environmental impacts. Birkenstock owns and operates a total of ten workshops, factories and offices in Germany which has enabled them to continuously develop and improve their product portfolio. The ability to produce all of their buckles and soles inGermanyallows them to maintain high standards of quality throughout their entire development and production systems.

     As part of being at the forefront of specialist footwear, Birkenstock has never shied away from new technologies which can help them better produce their historic, iconic and very popular clog. They are continuously designing new compelling products which meet new and emerging consumer demands with the reliance of the Birkenstock brand. New manufacturing processes aided by the latest technologies and the ability to utilise new materials in a responsible and appropriate manner enables Birkenstock to offer you unique quality and excellent comfort.